Every blog has one…

...so welcome to my first post! I'll try to make this my only "meta" entry for a while and get down to the real content in short order.

Steven Chan encourages Stone Soup. Tom Kyte suggests participating in the community as a means of bettering oneself professionally. Jeff Atwood advocates maximizing the value of ones keystrokes. So I'm starting this blog, a project that I've been mulling for over a year. The trick, of course, will be to see if the blog itself lasts for more than a year. The first step will be to generate something more than this post and an "about" page or two. ;-)

So, if you have room in your feed reader, please join me as I ramble on about my experiences with Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle RDBMS, Linux, VMware, working on a Mac, and the ever-popular "whatever else strikes my fancy." Maybe someone will benefit from what I will write here, just as I've learned from other corners of the community. We'll see how that goes.


John P.

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