R12 upgrade database sizing

One question that springs to mind pretty early in the technical planning for an upgrade to Release 12 of E-Business Suite is, "how much will my Apps database grow?" This is a very important question, because it will help you to determine whether you have to take your storage administrator to lunch, to dinner, or to the Apple Store for a 3G iPhone before you ask for additional storage space to support the upgrade.

Oracle provides some database sizing numbers for an R12 upgrade of a fairly large database, listing changes in database size for migrating both 3 years and 12 years of financial periods. To provide another real-world example, I've collected some notes from an upgrade I performed earlier this year, with a full migration of financial data.


I'm guessing that people who are interested in data are far more likely to scroll down than are people who are just after the big picture, so I'm leading with the conclusions. I suppose I could call this an "executive summary," but I suffer no delusions: executives don't read this blog. :)

Here are the takeaways:

  1. There is really no substitute for running the upgrade on a test system to see how your numbers turn out. Other than the general trends listed in #2 and #3 below, the sizing information that I recorded during our upgrade did not track very closely with the data provided in Note 399362.1. Your system is also likely to diverge from those sizing changes, depending on the modules that have been implemented.
  2. Some of the largest changes in applications data volumes seem to take place in Financials. Given the central role that the Financials modules play in the operation of E-Business Suite, and the addition of the E-Business Tax product as a core Financials component, this should not be a surprise.
  3. You can probably expect your overall data footprint to grow by 5-10%, which does not seem too drastic. If you have a really large database, however, or if your system is already running near maximum capacity for storage, you might need to think about that iPhone for your storage administrator.

Overall database size

Pre-upgrade 11i database size 61994 MB
Post-upgrade R12 database size 65800 MB
Size increase 3806 MB (6.14%)

Clearly, our database was significantly smaller than the example provided by Oracle, even smaller than a Vision instance. Even at the small end of the scale, however, the increase in size of our database was closer to 10% than it was to 50%, so we didn't have a storage crisis on our hands.

Tablespace sizes

I've left out tablespaces that include custom objects, and tried to conform to the list of tablespaces in Note 399362.1. Since we were already using the new Oracle Applications Tablespace Model (OATM) before the upgrade, however, and the Metalink note references some non-OATM tablespaces, performing a comparison to Oracle's growth percentages is somewhat difficult. Nonetheless, here's a look at what happened to our tablespaces during the upgrade:

Tablespace name R11 size (MB) R12 size (MB) delta (MB) % growth
APPS_TS_ARCHIVE 945.63 836.75 -108.88 -11.51%
APPS_TS_INTERFACE 1,193.25 1,007.00 -186.25 -15.61%
APPS_TS_MEDIA 4,030.13 4,325.38 295.25 7.33%
APPS_TS_NOLOGGING 329.25 321.50 -7.75 -2.35%
APPS_TS_QUEUES 83.75 124.88 41.13 49.10%
APPS_TS_SEED 2,143.75 2,672.00 528.25 24.64%
APPS_TS_SUMMARY 2,709.38 1,648.63 -1,060.75 -39.15%
APPS_TS_TOOLS 0.13 0.13 New in R12
APPS_TS_TX_DATA 10,075.00 14,338.38 4,263.38 42.32%
APPS_TS_TX_IDX 9,005.00 11,691.38 2,686.38 29.83%
APPS_UNDOTS1 1,507.00 2,000.00 493.00 32.71%
CTXD 47.82 47.95 0.13 0.28%
DISCOVERER 179.56 179.56 0.00 0.00%
INTERIM 0.13 0.13 New in R12
ODM 9.56 9.56 0.00 0.00%
OLAP 15.69 15.69 0.00 0.00%
OWAPUB 0.08 0.08 0.00 0.00%
PORTAL 0.47 0.47 0.00 0.00%
SYSAUX 1,008.50 1,041.50 33.00 3.27%
SYSTEM 8,404.69 9,721.09 1,316.41 15.66%

Schema sizes

While I was tempted to try to recreate the schema listing from Note 399362.1 here, in all its painstaking detail, it quickly became clear that this was of little value. The changes in volume of data for individual schemas will likely depend upon which products are implemented in a given instance. Here are the top 5 most significantly changed schemas (in the context of data volume) from our upgrade, including the brand-new ZX (E-Business Tax) product:

Schema R11 Size (MB) R12 Size (MB) delta (MB) % growth
SYS 11282 13181 1898 16.8%
APPLSYS 12644 14079 1435 11.3%
AR 1293 2517 1224 94.7%
APPS 1715 818 -897 -52.3%
ZX 0.00 712.50 712.50

Update 17 Aug 2008: Due to an embarrassing bug, my calculations for the above numbers were slightly off when I first posted, so I felt compelled to correct them. Apologies to the 5 or so people who might have seen the incorrect set of numbers. :-)

Interesting to note:

  • In our case, we didn't see a notable increase in the size of the XLA (Subledger accounting) schema
  • The APPS schema shrunk. Whahuh?
  • Our AR data footprint grew, but AP didn't, or at least not very significantly. Why isn't Oracle touting this as a benefit of upgrading to R12? ;-)

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  1. Fernando
    Posted 3 December 2008 at 13:59 | Permalink

    On you R12 upgrade database sizing, I would like to know
    the Uniform Extent Size for the Tablespaces you chose
    (128K or 1024K) and why ?

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