R12 upgrade database sizing, part II

I thought I'd follow up my earlier post about R12 upgrade sizing with a look at what happened in the schemas that exhibited the most growth after an Oracle Apps upgrade from 11i ( to R12 (12.0.3). This commentary is based on some rough notes taken after a quick review of DBA_SEGMENTS before and after the upgrade. The tables below are not an exhaustive list of objects that have changed, just a representative sample. Please recall, we started out with a pretty small data footprint by real-world standards, so you shouldn't necessarily expect similar numbers for your system. I was just curious to see where my disk space was going, and thought I'd share the results. :)


I was surprised the learn that the APPS schema shrunk after the upgrade, until I saw what kind of objects were smaller:

Segment name R11->R12 delta (MB)
FII_AP_LIA_B_MV -75.875

There were a lot more materialized views in the full list; most related to Financials Intelligence. So either the information in those views is now found elsewhere in R12, or I took my snapshot before DBI business view generation was complete. I doubt the latter, but I won't claim to be 100% certain. :)


Two things stand out as far as changes in the AR schema. First, the increase in size of several HZ tables (again, sparing you the full list):

Segment name R11->R12 delta

And then, a few of the larger objects in the schema just disappeared:

Segment name R11->R12 delta

I can't go into detail, because disclosing the contents of eTRM documents is a huge no-no, but it appears that the changes to both of these sets of tables can be explained by the introduction of the E-Business Tax (ZX) module in R12. It does sort of make sense that creating a bunch of new tax geographies (we hadn't been using a tax engine prior to the upgrade) would increase the size of the TCA tables. Presumably, the information contained in the AR_TAX_EXTRACT_* tables either resides in the ZX schema now or is no longer needed. I couldn't really be bothered to go looking. I was just the DBA, after all. That sort of digging around in the schemas of the Financials products would not have been considered an optimal use of my time during an upgrade. :-)


No table this time; it would have to be too long to be illustrative. Most of the growth we saw in the APPLSYS schema came from the FND_LOBS table and its associated LOB segments, no doubt attributable to the R12 online help patch. The rest of the growth came from a long-ish list of tables associated with patching and concurrent requests (FND_LOG_MESSAGE, AD_FILE_VERSIONS, AD_PATCH_RUN*, etc).


And, finally, we have the SYS schema. Based on the top-growing segments in that schema after our upgrade, it would appear that there's a lot of new PL/SQL in R12. I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you.

Segment name R11->R12 delta
SOURCE$ 462.5234375
I_SOURCE1 261.9140625
IDL_UB1$ 208.4375

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