A huge thank-you to all the OOW 08 attendees

I risk being accused of egregious sycophancy with a post title like that, but I'll stand by it, because I am genuinely grateful: if you went to Oracle Openworld 2008 and blogged, liveblogged, youtubed, podcast (podcasted?), or tweeted about your experiences at the event, thank you. You made my professional life so much more interesting that week. I attended OOW06, but was a bit too overwhelmed to get maximum value from the experience. I was relieved to learn this is typical. In 2007, I was head-down in near-simultaneous R12 upgrade and Oracle CRM implementation projects, so OOW07 sort of sailed by unnoticed. This year, however, thanks to the significant amount of buzz (and significant reduction in my workload), I was really interested in the event, but wasn't able to attend.

Interweb to the rescue! The daily updates by countless people liveblogging the keynotes, summarizing their favorite sessions, and providing links to their presentation materials provided lots of food for thought, not to mention a backlog of really interesting-looking reading. Not the same as being there, to be sure, but Google Reader and Eddie Awad's OraNA feed helped me feel like I got at least as close as Colorado. ;-)

One week later, I haven't come close to consuming my pile of bookmarks and starred Google Reader links, but here are my top take-aways:

  • While I'm not thrilled with the choice of Flash as a platform for the new Metalink My Oracle Support, it looks like a great UI improvement, and I look forward to exploring it further. I'm also glad that "Classic" Metalink still exists, so my Ubiquity commands aren't broken within weeks of creation. :-)
  • It's become abundantly clear that I need to start fiddling around with APEX. Time to dream up a project...
  • Maybe it's a mental backlash from how I spent most of 2007, but I'm actually somewhat relieved that Release 12.1 of Oracle Apps isn't expected until sometime in 2009.
  • Since most of my work is in the SMB space, my initial reaction to Exadata was a resounding "meh." Not that I was the only one. Then, Hans Forbrich pointed out that Exadata isn't exactly out of reach for mid-sized customers after all, so maybe I do need to pay attention. Drat. I'm glad to see Kevin Closson blogging again, though.
  • I want to dig a bit deeper into Beehive, and I want to believe in Enterprise 2.0 (because all of that collaboration without having to actually talk to people just warms my introverted nerdy heart), but Collab Suite has left me feeling a bit gun-shy.
  • There is a lot of really interesting stuff to read about 11g RDBMS. Yeah, yeah, I know it's been out for a year. I don't imagine that "I've been busy" is an acceptable excuse?
  • Steven Chan kicked off Open World by posting a laundry list of new Oracle Apps certifications, including an 11gR1 cert for R12. That ought to be fun...

Whew. So. Much. To. Learn. Thanks again, everyone!

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