My Oracle Support has landed. Check your links.

So there was a small, inconsequential change in the Oracle Support landscape last week: Oft-maligned-and-yet-somehow-much-beloved Metalink went away, to be replaced by a flashier (hah, I kill me) My Oracle Support. I bet you barely noticed.

One thing that I discovered pretty quickly is that some of my links to old Metalink content no longer worked. Thankfully, the content itself hadn't disappeared, but I had some editing to do in my personal documentation. Here's what I've found:

  • Links referencing, specifically those of the super-long form,nnnnnn.n, are broken. This may be temporary, but somehow I doubt it.
  • It appears, however, that shorter metalink2 links ( still resolve.
  • Similarly, links that reference, of the form seem to forward to without issue.
  • The "new way" to format links to My Oracle Support documents is:
  • These direct links to My Oracle Support documents do not open pages wrapped in the new My Oracle Support interface. This is probably a good thing for lots of people. :-)
  • Links to patches via, of the form, are unaffected by the switch to My Oracle Support. Whew.

Anyone notice anything else? Please comment away.

(off-topic aside: I didn't really expect to break a long blog silence with another post about Support. Ah well. Man plans, God laughs.)


  1. Posted 14 November 2009 at 13:25 | Permalink

    Nice to see you write something again.

    I think you should do a post on an EBS install...I would find it most interesting. :)

  2. Posted 15 November 2009 at 14:55 | Permalink


    WRT a post on an EBS install, it kind of feels like the topic's been covered pretty well elsewhere. What did you have in mind?

  3. Posted 15 November 2009 at 20:39 | Permalink

    Bug references also changed.
    Take a look here:


  4. Posted 15 November 2009 at 23:19 | Permalink

    Hi Gareth,
    Thanks for the tip. Also, thanks for the reference to your revised plugins. I'm a bit behind on my RSS feeds, so I'm glad to have the pointer. :-)


    John P.

  5. Posted 6 September 2011 at 5:58 | Permalink

    Dag nabbit good stuff you wihppersnpapres!

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