Accessing EBS R12 forms when the HTML interface is unavailable

Astute readers of my last post may have taken a short break from the riveting drama to wonder, "hey, wait, if you couldn't access the EBS home page, how did you change the profile option to fix the EBS home page?" Well, okay, if you've been using Oracle Apps for a while, this is probably not a mystery, but I might have some EBS learners onboard thanks to the ORACLENERD series. For the sake of completeness, I feel compelled to offer this tidbit:

To launch the E-Business Suite R12 Forms interface directly, use the URL http://yourhost:port/forms/frmservlet. This will present a small login window where you can provide your EBS credentials. After that, you will need to select your responsibility from a list of values, and the appropriate forms menu will appear. A few additional things to consider:

  • This method of accessing Forms is primarily intended to verify that the Forms server is functioning properly. Oracle does not recommend (or support) direct access to Forms as a normal mode of operation. Use sparingly, as a last resort.
  • You need to supply login credentials for a user that has permission to authenticate locally to Oracle Applications. This is not normally a big deal, since it's the default configuration, but if your EBS instance is integrated with Single Sign-On, be aware that you can't connect to Forms directly with an SSO-only account.
  • If your HTML interface is broken, as mine was, selecting an option from the Forms-based menu that would normally launch the HTML interface is likely to produce disappointing results.

Despite Oracle's warning to not use the Forms interface this way without specific guidance from Support, it seemed far better than writing an update statement against the FND_PROFILE_OPTION_VALUES table at 1AM. ;-)

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