Recently relevant (to me) links

I've found a few bits of interesting reading over the past week or two. Most of this content is not brand-new, but since they've added some technical enrichment to my life, I figured that a "shout-out rollup" was appropriate.

  • Jonathan Lewis' review of a Collaborate '09 presentation on tuning by cardinality feedback, and the slides from that presentation, helped me refresh my approach to a report tuning exercise.
  • Kerry Osborne saved my sanity with an 18-month old post, as I tried to figure out why a 'shared server idle wait event' was skewing my 11g Statspack reports.  
  • Ever wondered what the translations are for the command_type column in V$SQL? Martin Widlake offers a few pointers to get that info, in not one, but two posts.
  • Finally, if you're interested in some real-world information about using Oracle E-Business Suite on VMware (and who isn't, really?), J Weinshenker (Twitter: @aus_effendi) has recently spun up a blog about those topics and others of interest to ORACLENERDs of the DBA/Apps DBA variety. Quality content there; go read!

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