Oracle OpenWorld 2010 planning

I'm pretty excited to be heading to Oracle OpenWorld this year. My only previous OpenWorld was in 2006, which feels like eons ago. This time around, I'll be going on a blogger pass, which I feel is very generous of Oracle, since my most popular post has been a piece that I wrote for someone else's blog, and the most popular page on this blog is basically a 5-line shell script. *ahem* At the very least, I hope to become worthy of the blogger title by blowing the doors off my 2-posts-per-month lifetime average during the month of September.

With the conference less than 3 weeks away, I'm mostly all set. Plane tickets and hotel were booked long ago. I've learned that getting from SFO to my hotel via BART will be ridiculously easy. I've even managed to arrange a roommate who's certain to take all blame in the vanishingly unlikely event of shenanigans. ;-) There's just one problem: there's way too much to do once I get there! Okay, maybe that's not a problem; call it an abundance of riches.

The challenge: Fitting it all in

When I left OOW 4 years ago, I told myself that I would "do better next time." It felt like I hadn't managed to get as much out of the conference as I could have. This time around, I'm hoping to strike a better balance between sessions, exhibits, keynotes, and, um...


...I'm not sure what Chet means by those first two, but I do hope to work in some networking. I'm looking forward to meeting some people with whom I've mostly interacted 140 characters at a time, or via my longer-winded blog comments. I'm already signed up to attend the Blogger meetup, and am looking for other opportunities to meet people; drop me a comment or an email if you'd like to grab a coffee, beer, or just exchange a quick handshake. :)

But back to that "abundance of riches" problem. I'm having a heck of a time reconciling my general interests (Oracle Apps, "Core" database, virtualization), specific areas of curiosity (this year, GoldenGate and MySQL), and my desire to see presentations by people way smarter than me. Thankfully, there's a fair amount of overlap on that last point, but I'm still looking at almost 40 interesting sessions over 5 days, not counting keynotes and hopefully an Unconference visit or two. It's unclear when I'll be eating lunch, most days. I'm even double- and triple-booking Sunday, for heaven's sake, and that's "just" SIG/User Group day!

The List, so far

Here are the sessions that I'm thinking about. If you have any thoughts about how to make this more sane, or (I can't believe I'm typing this) if you think I might enjoy a session that's not listed here, I'd love your feedback. Thanks to Floyd Teter (@fteter), Steven Chan, and the people who put together the Oracle ACE presentations page on the Oracle Wiki for making my job slightly easier by providing some initial filters for the 2000+ sessions. Now if only I could find some mad scientists to finish the work on these cloning vats...

Apps, EBS, Fusion, Whatchamacallit

I'm probably going a bit overboard on some of the R12 DBA and R12 upgrade stuff, but it's always a good idea to hear what others have done/are doing, and the surest path to stagnation is to assume you already know enough.

Oracle RDBMS

There are some folks in here that I'm really interested in seeing, since they're known to be great presenters. It was hard enough to winnow the database track down to just this list.

General Hodgepodge

And here's the grab-bag, which is not to suggest I have a lower level of interest. I'm just too lazy to subcategorize further. :-)

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