Openworld 2010: Gratitude

Oracle OpenWorld may be a technology conference, but the people make the week. Otherwise, one might as well stay home to watch webcasts and flip through slide decks. Before I start generating my requisite nerdy recap content, I want to get started on the right foot: thanking the people that made the trek worthwhile. I worry a bit about my tone, since it's easy for public thank-you's to be misinterpreted as self-indulgent name-checking; I guess I'll just have to ask you to trust my sincerity. :)

In no particular order, thanks to...

... the marketing and communications team at Oracle, for the opportunity to attend on a blogger pass, and providing access to the press area for a quiet area to work and escape the hordes of people.

... the OTN team (Justin {blog | twitter}, Vicky, and Lillian in particular), for making me and so many others in the online community feel welcome.

... Pythian, for the fun bloggers' meetup: Alex Gorbachev {blog | twitter} for spearheading, Vanessa Simmons  for behind-the-scenes cat-herding, and Paul Vallee {blog | twitter} for sponsoring.

... Mogens Nørgaard {blog | twitter} for organizing OCW, and to the attendees for not remarking on the precipitous drop in average IQ when I slipped in to catch a few sessions.

... Floyd Teter {blog | twitter}, for dispensing wisdom, interesting stories, and lunch, and for treating me like we'd met before, even though we hadn't.

... Steven Chan, for covering enough information in his Sunday SIG session that I could sleep in a bit on Wednesday, and for clarifying some outstanding questions for me.

... all the people who bought me beer: Ronald  {blog | twitter}, Floyd, Chet  {blog | twitter}, Jake  {blog | twitter}, Dan  {blog | twitter}, Terrance, and others I may have (shamefully) forgotten. I somehow managed to go the entire show without paying for a beer, which is a bit like winning the lottery, even if (as Jake and Chet pointed out once or twice) I wasn't exactly a heavy contributor to the size of the tab.

... Chet, for housing assistance and for making the week far more entertaining than it would have otherwise been, and for knowing how to give and receive abuse in equal measure. ;)

... Jake, for so much stuff: food, beer, introductions, interesting conversation, taxi service. I could be more effusive, but he'd probably tell me to shut up. ;-)

Y'all are awesome. Thanks again!


  1. Posted 29 September 2010 at 11:37 | Permalink

    Hi John,

    Was great meeting you at OOW.

    Ben Prusinski

  2. Posted 1 October 2010 at 21:34 | Permalink

    Good to meet you, too, Ben. It was great to put faces to so many names/Twitter handles/blog URLs last week.


    John P.

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