E-Business Suite cloning: Disabling auto-start of applications

A little while ago, Yury Velikanov at Pythian blogged about a new feature in the RapidClone tool for EBS 12.1.2. In summary, Apps DBAs finally have the option to disable the startup of application services after cloning is complete. As Yury notes, this is big help, because there's often a long list of post-clone activities to perform prior to releasing a cloned system to users, many of which are best performed before starting the cloned system for the first time.

If you're not on 12.1.2, and would still like to accomplish this feat, it's pretty straightforward, as long as you're comfortable with editing the adcfgclone.pl script in $COMMON_TOP/clone/bin. It's easy and painless, honest! Just locate and comment out the line that executes adstrtal.sh. If you'd rather not do this manually with your favorite editor, here are two perl one-liners that will do the work for you, and preserve the original version of the script for reference:

For Release 11i:
perl -pi.old -e 's/(system.*adstr)/#$1/' adcfgclone.pl

For Release 12:
perl -pi.old -e 's/(runPipedCmd.*adstr)/#$1/' adcfgclone.pl

Depending on your EBS version and AD patch level, the line you're looking for may be slightly different. As with anything else I write about here, if you're foolish enough to follow along, at least do yourself the favor of testing things first.

On that note, it's occurred to me that the functionality Yury discusses in his blog post may be available in earlier EBS versions than 12.1.2, provided you're running a very recent AD Minipack. I'd welcome your comments confirming or disproving this theory, since I'm too lazy at the moment to dig through release notes on My Oracle Support to check. :-)


  1. Posted 11 October 2010 at 10:59 | Permalink

    This is a good thing to tell people about - good post.

    I will say however that I no longer use adcfgclone.pl (or adpreclone.pl) when I clone. I backup the previously used TARGET_targethost.xml, copy over the files from my SOURCE, and run adconfig.sh which
    a) doesn't take 30+ minutes to do nothing useful in a previously built environment
    b) doesn't start services that I don't want it to do

    I guess one of these days I should post on various ways to improve the cloning process.

  2. Posted 11 October 2010 at 13:07 | Permalink

    Hm. Good point. I hadn't considered that approach, though I've long been in the habit of preserving the old context file so I could feed it to adcfgclone.pl. Hadn't occurred to me that I could just skip adcfgclone altogether and move right to adconfig.sh. Will put that one in my back pocket for future refreshes.

    Man, there I go, learning stuff from the 'tubes, even on my day off. From my own blog, no less. What's the world coming to?

    Thanks, Jay!


    John P.

  3. Posted 11 October 2010 at 15:41 | Permalink

    Hi John,

    Just reviewed my scripts to find what I am doing to stop auto startup from happening.
    I am commenting out the following call from the adcfgclone.pl script.
    # startup_services();


  4. Posted 11 October 2010 at 21:59 | Permalink

    Hi Yury,

    Much cleaner than my method. Thank you for sharing that here. :-)


    John P.

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