Installing EBS Vision? Quick list of useful links.

My EBS 11i Vision VM bit the dust recently, and I found myself needing to reinstall. I know, yes, backups. I know, okay? I KNOW. I know. *whimper*

Anyhow, time to party like it's mid-2005! This isn't going to be as super-long as my R12 Vision install series (which is now an eBook that you should totally buy). Instead, it's a quick list of links to help you get started on something you'll hopefully only need to do once, if ever. At least I now have public notes in case, heaven forfend, I need to do this again myself. Please note that these links are biased toward an installation on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5, because that's the 32-bit Linux media I had closest to hand. There are a few quirks when installing on OEL5, but thankfully they're all well-documented.

Start with the basics

Installing Oracle Applications: A Guide to Using Rapid Install Release 11i (
Just in case you need a refresher on system resource requirements and various other setup bits.
Note 316803.1: Oracle Applications Release Notes, Release 11i (
Not a lot of meat here, but it does provide a reference to the most recent Rapid Install/"startCD" patch, in the unlikely event that it changes. Don't hold your breath; the product's in Extended Support, and the release notes document hasn't been updated in 2 years.
Note 316806.1: Oracle Applications Installation Update Notes, Release 11i (
Here's the really useful stuff, listing required kernel versions, OS packages, and special instructions for various OS releases. The information in this note gets you 95% of what's needed to do the install. Make sure to apply patches 6365595 and 6078836, to avoid errors on " INSTE8_SETUP 127" and " cannot open shared object file," respectively.
Most recent Rapid Install patch
Why go digging through the release notes for the patch number?
Note 316843.1: MD5 Checksums for 11i10.2 Rapid Install Media
Just in case you think your old disk-based staging area may be suspect, and you're wondering if you need to go back to the install DVDs. You know, theoretically.

OEL5-specific stuff

Setup for Oracle's public YUM server
You might need this setup to download additional packages, if you don't want to search your install media.
Oracle Open-source "compatibility" project
This is where to grab the additional required RPMs listed in note 316806.1. If you're wondering where to find binutils 2.15, it's in compat-binutils215-
Note 730444.1: Oracle Applications 11i Installation on OEL5 or RHEL5
This note provides solutions to a pair of quirks related to installation on OEL5.
Note 451994.1: Unable to Find 'kshell' in Path When Running
Rather than chasing down and installing pdksh, as suggested in Note 730444.1, I found that a simple export KSH_VERSION='@(#)PD KSH v5.2.14 99/07/13.2', as suggested in this note, to be sufficient to satisfy the installer's requirements.
Note 747424.1: Installation of On OEL Fails
To avoid an interruption in the installation process, use the steps described in this note (replacing LD_ASSUME_KERNEL in before running the zip commands described in the pre-installation tasks for patch 6365595 in Note 316806.1. Depending on your version of OEL, this may not be necessary, but why risk it?

Thanks for joining me on this trip down memory lane. Please return your Wayback Machines, Deloreans, and telephone booths to their assigned places. Be excellent to each other.

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