Presentation slides: Using Oracle EBS Diagnostics

I somehow got roped into giving a presentation at the BC Oracle Applications User Group meeting on May 26, on the topic of Using Oracle E-Business Suite Diagnostic Tools. Moment of weakness, I guess, but with less than 12 hours to go, it'd be very bad form to bail now. ;-)

The talk itself is mostly a demo, and the slides all by themselves don't convey the full impact of me talking too fast, talking too much, screwing up the timing on my jokes, involuntarily edging toward the door, and muttering prayers to whatever god is tuned in that my demo VM doesn't misbehave too badly. Nevertheless, there are a few references linked in the slides (whose brilliant idea was that?), and I'll be promising my audience that they can visit my blog to find the slides.

Thanks to the members of the BCOAUG for the hospitality! Hope I didn't bore too many of you to death. :-) You can find the slides on Slideshare.

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