Learn about R12 integration with OID and OAM for the price of a latte!

How often do you hear, "I sat down to write a blog post, and ended up with an eBook?" Probably not every week. But that's just what one of the the Oracle EBS Team Leads at Pythian has done. My colleague Subhajit has just published an eBook that covers the steps required to integrate Oracle Applications Release 12.1 with Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle Access Manager 11.1.2.

At over 300 pages, this is a comprehensive guide to integrating 3 large and increasingly important pieces of the Oracle Applications technology stack, complete with screenshots and blow-by-blow examples of an actual configuration and deployment. No hand-waving theoretical stuff here; you get to watch the sandbox environment spring to life as you read! I'm still in the "browse the steps and download the software" phase, myself, but so far everything is clear and easy to follow. Subhajit has also offered up some troubleshooting tips for common issues encountered during deployment.

If you're an Apps DBA who's trying to get up to speed on the new look of identity management for E-Business Suite environments, you owe it to yourself to check out this eBook. Think of it as buying Subhajit a coffee (or a beer) in return for saving you the work of researching all those pre-requisites and puzzling out the various dependencies by yourself. This represents a serious jump-start to any effort to update your knowledge of E-Business Suite application server integration from the old 10gAS stack to the new 11g Fusion Middleware components.

Subhajit also promises more fun stuff in the near future, so stay tuned to his corner of the Pythian blog to see what's coming down the line! If you've been limping along on a barely-supported version of 10g SSO and OID to for your E-Business Suite identity management, his promised upgrade guide is sure to be of interest.


  1. Narayana Reddy D V V
    Posted 5 March 2013 at 1:03 | Permalink

    I am an oracle apps dba and currently our env 115102 is integrated with iDM and has plans to upgrade to R12 and integrtae with OAM and 11g OID. please send it to me :-)

    Thanks and good luck to you

  2. Posted 5 March 2013 at 7:29 | Permalink

    Hi Narayana,
    I can't send you the eBook, but I encourage you to visit Amazon and pick it up. :)

  3. Mazhar
    Posted 17 March 2013 at 12:44 | Permalink

    Can you please tell if the book explain to do the EBS R12 integration with OAM-OID-SSO on single node server.

    Is it possible to I am having EBS R12 installed on single server which is 'ving 64 GB of RAM. & 2 TB HDD.. Is it Possible to integrate it with OAM-OID-SSO 11g on the same server
    its For learning purpose..... I would be highly obliged if you could give some suggestions.

    For integrating EBS R12 with OAM-OID-SSO 11g on single node i 've refreneced many metalink notes like,
    Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Access Manager 11g using Oracle E-Business Suite AccessGate [ID 1309013.1] 876539.1
    Although there is a lot of information available on 1304550.1, 876539.1, 975182.1 and 1286596.1.
    for IDM Install http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/install.1111/e10033/configone.htm

    However i found these docs, take you in circles if one happens to be a newbie or doing this integration for the first time.
    Also I could not find any Docs for Integrating EBS r12 VIS DB with OAM-OID-SSO on the SAME SERVER.

    Could you please tell

    1. Is it Possible to install IAM-OID database within EBS R12 VIS Database if the Installation is on the same Server.

    2. If the Installation of OAM-OID on the same server which have EBS R12 installed
    i.e if the Path of EBS r12 VIS directory is /oracle/VIS/.........
    and the Path of OAM database is /data/mw_hw/IAM.... both of them are on the same server
    so what should be the entry in /etc/oraInst.loc as its already having entries for EBS r12 Vis DB

    what shoud be the entry of OAM Database here. ? Could you please tell


  4. Posted 17 March 2013 at 12:59 | Permalink

    Hi Mazhar,

    As far as I can tell, what you are asking should be possible. The resources you describe (2TB disk, 64GB RAM) should be adequate for the task. You don't say how much CPU you have, but with those other specs, I assume it's not just 2 cores.

    Instead of trying to figure out how to put all these services on one server (single host), however, I have a suggestion: Create individual VMs for each of the components. This will help you to better simulate a real-world environment. After all, in production you're unlikely to be hosting all of these services on a single server. If you don't want to use something like Oracle VM (which will require you dedicate your entire test server), you can still use VirtualBox or a VMware workstation product to create the individual VMs. This will actually allow you to have a less complicated configuration, in my opinion. And it will definitely make all of the documentation easier to follow.

    Also, if you have other questions about the R12-OID-SSO-OAM integration, I highly recommend that you ask Subhajit about it on his blog post on the Pythian blog. He literally wrote the book, I'm just helping with advertising. ;)

  5. Asha
    Posted 3 July 2013 at 12:40 | Permalink

    Hi ,How can i buy this document .I tried visiting Amazon but there are no options to buy the book wrote by Subhajit . Please advise.


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