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NOW they’re fixed…

A short demonstration of how incorrect fixed object stats can really bog down an E-Business Suite instance startup.


After my recent public demo of the Oracle E-Business Suite Diagnostics, people at my current employer are more interested in using the tool. In the course of applying the most recent patches to the IZU product, I came across a few quirks that I thought I’d share. These are 11i-related issues, so the relevance half-life is short.

Oracle Apps DBAs, have you empowered your users?

A little bit of preachiness about the value of the Oracle E-Business Suite Diagnostics product. Hopefully, you’re using it. Actually, if you’re an Apps DBA, hopefully your users are using it

Presentation slides: Using Oracle EBS Diagnostics

I somehow got roped into giving a presentation at the BC Oracle Applications User Group meeting on May 26, on the topic of Using Oracle E-Business Suite Diagnostic Tools. Moment of weakness, I guess, but with less than 12 hours to go, it’d be very bad form to bail now. The talk itself is mostly […]

Why merge EBS patches?

“Everyone knows” that merging E-Business Suite patches is a good idea. It should be the number one, first-pass answer to the question of how to speed up patching, before staged APPL_TOP, distributed AD, database tuning, or even adding more workers. As part of my continuing series, “Captain Obvious over-explains the basics,” I’ve provided an anecdote to illustrate why merging patches is a good idea.

Installing EBS Vision? Quick list of useful links.

A short list of references for installing E-Business Suite Vision on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5. Hopefully this isn’t actually useful to anyone, because why would you really want to do that these days?

EBS R12 Vision Install Guide is now an eBook (for Kate)

The EBS R12 Install Guide is now an eBook, on sale to benefit ORACLENERD’s daughter, Kate.

Finding debug and trace profiles in EBS

Two recent requests in rapid succession (“why is the instance running so slowly when I do X?” and “why is this mount point filling up with .dbg files?”) prompted me to dust off an old script.

Grid Control follies: Looking for perl? Oh, it’s over there, in the perlBin.

Ever seen the Grid Control emagent.trc file complain about a missing perlBin property? I hadn’t.

“No manager available?” Say what, EBS?

Diagnosing a “No manager available” error in an EBS RAC environment