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E-Business Suite cloning: Disabling auto-start of applications

A short blurb about preventing the startup of Oracle Applications services when running

Oracle OpenWorld 2010 recap: Time to get ready for that Fusion Apps upgrade?

Yes, but not quite the way you might think. Here’s why.

Openworld 2010: Gratitude

Good times rarely occur in a vaccuum. Thanks to all the people that made Oracle OpenWorld 2010 a memorable experience for me!

OOW10 Day 2 mid-day update: Interesting new EBS techstack functionality

Are you on R12 or thinking about getting these soon? Here are some reasons to think about 12.1.3 and beyond.

Christmas comes early: SQL Developer Data Modeler now free(r)!

One the eve of Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle sneaks in a licensing change to one of its products. Take off your cynic’s cap, darn it, they just made something free: SQL Developer Data Modeler.

Oracle OpenWorld 2010 planning

Looking ahead to OpenWorld 2010, and coming to terms with the fact that no matter what I do, I’m going to miss out on some interesting content. And sleep. Going to miss out on LOTS of sleep.

Resolving a pesky ORA-12545 during EBS patching

Don’t you just love it when random networking errors spice up an otherwise routine large EBS patching run?

Yeah, me neither.

Weekend mumblings: Oracle and VMware

Rambling about Oracle and VMware. I don’t do “opinion pieces” very often, and after reading this, you’ll better understand why. ;-)

Recently relevant (to me) links

A handful of interesting links, while I wait for my mental content logjam to break.

Small change to GL_SECURITY_PKG in EBS 12.1.2

A change to the package definition of GL_SECURITY_PKG in E-Business Suite Release 12.1.2 may result in unexpected behavior when the package is called from a non-APPS schema.