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I was going to call this a "FAQ," but that implies the dual conceit that I frequently get visitors, and that they stay long enough to ask questions. So, unless those things actually become true, "Blog Answers" it is. :-)

What am I reading here?

In the abstract, this blog is a catalog of mistakes I've made as I've learned things, and in some cases, tools I use to avoid making those mistakes again.

Okay, I know...deep. Less philosophically stated, I'll be writing here about my experiences with Oracle technologies, and working with those technologies on my platforms of choice: Linux and Mac OS X. I'll probably sprinkle in some stuff about virtualization as well, since I'm a long-time VMware user (and a most-of-the-time VMware fan), and working with Oracle server products on a Mac pretty much requires using VMware or Parallels.

What does the blog title mean?

I'm getting into the tech blogging game a bit late, and a lot of the good names were taken. Or at least, the well seemed to be running pretty dry on permutations of Oracle-based blog names (maybe this should be telling me something). Where I lack in creativity, however, I compensate with a quirky memory: I remembered an OTN post where I stated that I was "one of the last 5 people on the Internet without a blog."

Well, I have a blog now, so that leaves 4 people...

How often should I check in?

At this time, I don't expect to post more than once or twice a week.

Dude, where's my comment?

For the time being, I have comment moderation turned on, as a means of (hopefully) deterring spam. I'm using the "allow subsequent posts from same email address" option, though, so you should only need to be moderated long as you type your email address consistently.

Can I use your stuff?

It depends. I'm going to use Creative Commons to license the content on this blog, and if I have code to share,  it will be distributed under an Open Source license (said code will also probably be scary, but that isn't a licensing concern). As long as you're willing to comply with the terms of the relevant licenses, then yes, you can use my stuff.

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