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Installing EBS Vision? Quick list of useful links.

A short list of references for installing E-Business Suite Vision on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5. Hopefully this isn’t actually useful to anyone, because why would you really want to do that these days?

EBS R12 Vision Install Guide is now an eBook (for Kate)

The EBS R12 Install Guide is now an eBook, on sale to benefit ORACLENERD’s daughter, Kate.

Finding debug and trace profiles in EBS

Two recent requests in rapid succession (“why is the instance running so slowly when I do X?” and “why is this mount point filling up with .dbg files?”) prompted me to dust off an old script.

“No manager available?” Say what, EBS?

Diagnosing a “No manager available” error in an EBS RAC environment

E-Business Suite cloning: Disabling auto-start of applications

A short blurb about preventing the startup of Oracle Applications services when running

Oracle OpenWorld 2010 recap: Time to get ready for that Fusion Apps upgrade?

Yes, but not quite the way you might think. Here’s why.

OOW10 Day 2 mid-day update: Interesting new EBS techstack functionality

Are you on R12 or thinking about getting these soon? Here are some reasons to think about 12.1.3 and beyond.

Resolving a pesky ORA-12545 during EBS patching

Don’t you just love it when random networking errors spice up an otherwise routine large EBS patching run?

Yeah, me neither.

Weekend mumblings: Oracle and VMware

Rambling about Oracle and VMware. I don’t do “opinion pieces” very often, and after reading this, you’ll better understand why. ;-)

Small change to GL_SECURITY_PKG in EBS 12.1.2

A change to the package definition of GL_SECURITY_PKG in E-Business Suite Release 12.1.2 may result in unexpected behavior when the package is called from a non-APPS schema.