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EBS R12 nugget: The difference between and opmnctl

An illustration of the difference between running opmnctl and in EBS R12

Old PLAN_TABLE in EBS Vision

I went digging into a problem with EXPLAIN PLAN in and R12 Vision instance, and dug deep enough to find an antique.

An overview of merging patches in E-Business Suite

A quick overview of what happens when individual E-Business Suite patches are merged with admrgpch.

A sampling of R12 AOL and database object changes

A high-level summary of changes to EBS database objects and AOL entities after an upgrade from 11i to R12.

Friday mumblings: VanOUG, 11gR2, and EBS

Random notes about the March 2010 VanOUG meeting presentations

32-bit to 64-bit database migration tips: OLAP upgrade

Notes on upgrading OLAP workspaces when migrating a database from 32-bit to 64-bit Linux.

Accessing EBS R12 forms when the HTML interface is unavailable

A short blurb on the method and limitations of launching the EBS R12 Forms interface “manually,” without going through the HTML interface.

Resolving an EBS login problem

A look at a resolution of the dreaded, generic “You have encountered an unexpected error. Please contact the System Administrator for assistance” error. These are different or everyone, of course, but maybe someone else will see this someday.

Compiling JSPs in EBS? Try being selective first.

If you’re in a position where you need to compile some of the JSPs in your EBS system, consider whether you need to compile them all, or can get away with compiling just a few.

Installing EBS on Linux Part 3, companion

This is a companion piece to my third guest post on the ORACLENERD blog about installing Oracle E-Business Suite. I’ll try to address questions and errata from that post here, rather than repeatedly asking Chet to tweak his blog just because I was unclear or incorrect. What is it with you Linux nerds and your […]