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Finally here: Oracle Instant Client 11gR2 for OS X

See the blog post over at Oracle for details, and be sure to send Christopher Jones an email (via the address in his post) stating you’re an active user of the client. As Christopher mentions in his post, You can really help us justify resources for the OS X bundle if you email me letting […]

Oracle Instant Client on OS X Lion: 32-bit only, for now

Upgrading to OS X Lion? Like using command-line sqlplus? Prepare to roll back.

Oracle 10gR2 RDBMS for Mac OS X (Intel) has arrived!

Oracle has, at long last, released a version of the RDBMS for Mac OS X Intel. Not all features are supported, but on the other hand, it will run natively even on a non-Server version of Leopard. Woohoo!

Running oidadmin on Mac OS X

Being a Mac user and an Oracle DBA need not be an “oil and water” situation. This post describes a way to leverage virtualization (in this case, VMware Fusion) to access tools that are not currently available on OS X. My example is how to launch oidadmin on Mac OS X, but it can easily be adapted to other favorite applications.

Good times ahead for virtualization on Intel Macs

Oh boy, this is going to be fun. The recent release of VMware Fusion 2.0 Beta 2 offers a big boost to the feature set of VMware Fusion (not to be confused with that other company’s “Fusion” product). The Windows/Mac integration and 3D/2D graphics improvements aren’t deeply appealing to me, since I’m mostly running Linux […]

Launching SQL*Plus from SQL Developer on Mac OS X

I recently upgraded my Macbook Pro to Leopard, and along with all of the other goodies that come with that upgrade, I’ve been able to install and use the long-awaited (and Intel Leopard-only) Oracle Instant Client for OS X. I’ve been using SQL Developer on my Mac for a long time, but I’ve missed the […]