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Hey Vancouver BC, want an Oracle Users Group?

Well, here’s your chance. As a recent arrival to Vancouver, BC from Pittsburgh, PA, I’d started hunting around for a Vancouver-based Oracle Users Group. I was surprised to discover that the closest group was actually based in Victoria, BC, which I’ve now learned is a scenic but not particularly convenient commute. I’d arrived in BC […]

My Oracle Support has landed. Check your links.

So there was a small, inconsequential change in the Oracle Support landscape last week: Oft-maligned-and-yet-somehow-much-beloved Metalink went away, to be replaced by a flashier (hah, I kill me) My Oracle Support. I bet you barely noticed. One thing that I discovered pretty quickly is that some of my links to old Metalink content no longer […]

The end is near! (for FTP download of Oracle patches)

Oracle has set a date for shutting off FTP access to their patch repository, September 18, 2009. Fortunately, they’re continuing to allow access via wget.

Via Twitter, an interesting regexp_replace puzzle

Prolific and knowledgeable Oracle Ace LewisC asked a regular expression (more specifically, regexp_replace) question on Twitter, and I found myself thinking, “hey, I bet I could actually answer that!” So I did. Then I thought about my answer a bit more, and decided to write a blog post to expand upon my original 140-character response.

Retrieving Oracle patches with wget

While working from home this evening, I had to download some patches to a remote Linux system, and was struck, not for the the first time, by the inconvenience of it all. So I wrote a quick shell function that helps me grab patches using wget. And then, I decided to share with the world, or at least the really small portion of the world that visits my blog.

Fixing file permission problems on Grid Control targets

When installing Grid Control on a Linux or Unix platform, a recommended practice is to install the monitoring agent software as a user that doesn’t own the ORACLE_HOMEs to be monitored. This poses a challenge when configuring monitoring for some targets, particularly those based on Oracle Application Server 10g. This post lists some changes you can make to work around a variety of target discovery and metric collection errors.

Workflow got you down? Changing the default Grid Control monitoring of EBS

This post describes how to remove the Workflow Notification Mailer from the list of targets that impact the reported status of an E-Business Suite instance monitored by Oracle Grid Control. This can be useful in test or dev systems, where users may not want a disabled notification mailer to be indicative of problems with the instance.

Reference list for deploying Grid Control 10gR4 on Linux

Here’s a quick list of reference links for deploying Oracle Grid Control on Linux. If you’re starting out on a Grid Control deployment project, perhaps this will help to jump-start your own research. This is a non-exhaustive list, but it covers the basics reasonably well.

Clearing the Oracle environment in a Unix session

Correctly defining Oracle-related environment variables in a Linux or Unix session is pretty important, especially on a system that hosts multiple ORACLE_HOMEs. Equally important is making sure that old settings are removed from the environment when switching contexts from one ORACLE_HOME to another. Here’s an example of how I do it.

Running oidadmin on Mac OS X

Being a Mac user and an Oracle DBA need not be an “oil and water” situation. This post describes a way to leverage virtualization (in this case, VMware Fusion) to access tools that are not currently available on OS X. My example is how to launch oidadmin on Mac OS X, but it can easily be adapted to other favorite applications.