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Finally here: Oracle Instant Client 11gR2 for OS X

See the blog post over at Oracle for details, and be sure to send Christopher Jones an email (via the address in his post) stating you’re an active user of the client. As Christopher mentions in his post, You can really help us justify resources for the OS X bundle if you email me letting […]

Build an 11gR2 RAC cluster in VirtualBox in 1 Hour using OVM templates

[I originally posted this over at the Pythian blog. If you're not following it, you should! Way more content, by far smarter people than lil ol' me.] After reviewing my blog post about running EBS OVM templates in VirtualBox, two of my teammates suggested that I work on something with potentially broader appeal. Their basic […]

Recently relevant (to me) links

A handful of interesting links, while I wait for my mental content logjam to break.

Old PLAN_TABLE in EBS Vision

I went digging into a problem with EXPLAIN PLAN in and R12 Vision instance, and dug deep enough to find an antique.

Logging for non-existent listeners

Trying to start a database listener that doesn’t exist generates log files. In older versions of the database, it’s just one file, but what about in 11g, with its fancy Automatic DIagnostic Repository?

Resolving ORA-4023 during a 10gR2->11gR1 upgrade

Sometimes, even on the 3rd or 4th run-through of a database upgrade test, it’s possible to miss something. Practice makes perfect.

Friday mumblings: VanOUG, 11gR2, and EBS

Random notes about the March 2010 VanOUG meeting presentations

Keeping OPatch up-to-date: an object lesson

Is opatch failing with the message “ApplySession failed: Patch ID is null.”? Might want to verify your opatch version…