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“No manager available?” Say what, EBS?

Diagnosing a “No manager available” error in an EBS RAC environment

E-Business Suite cloning: Disabling auto-start of applications

A short blurb about preventing the startup of Oracle Applications services when running adcfgclone.pl.

Resolving a pesky ORA-12545 during EBS patching

Don’t you just love it when random networking errors spice up an otherwise routine large EBS patching run?

Yeah, me neither.

Compiling JSPs in EBS? Try being selective first.

If you’re in a position where you need to compile some of the JSPs in your EBS system, consider whether you need to compile them all, or can get away with compiling just a few.

ASO_ORDER_FEEDBACK_T runs amok, devours database!

A quick walkthrough of a problem I encountered with the ASO_ORDER_FEEDBACK_T table growing out of control.

Mini-review of 1Z0-233: OCP 11i Apps DBA exam

Recently, I had the opportunity to take Oracle certification exam 1Z0-233: Oracle 11i Install, Patch, and Maintain Applications, the final step in the Oracle 11i Applications DBA certification chain. I would have taken this exam a long time ago, but somehow managed to miss the important detail that 9i and 10g DBA OCPs could skip […]

Enhance your applmgr .profile, part II

This is the second half of a two-part series on useful Linux/Unix environment variables and aliases for enhancing your productivity as an Apps DBA.

Enhance your applmgr .profile, part I

Typing is my third-most frequent cause of self-inflicted work stress. For some reason, despite decades spent at a keyboard, it feels like I spend more time hitting backspace than any other key. When working with Oracle Apps, I try to make my life easier by adding some shortcuts to the the applmgr user’s .profile. What […]