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Grid Control follies: Looking for perl? Oh, it’s over there, in the perlBin.

Ever seen the Grid Control emagent.trc file complain about a missing perlBin property? I hadn’t.

Things I learned this weekend (5/16-17/2009)

The excitement of solving mysteries makes me bad at math In my last post, I failed to notice that a HugePages_Total of 4645, while satisfyingly greater than zero, is definitely not 8196, the desired and expected value I had configured. Upon reflection, the reason was pretty obvious: the OS will only allocate contiguous blocks of […]

More fun with Grid Control and EBS

After two months of cheerfully monitoring your E-Business Suite instances, Grid Control declares that most of the Apps tier targets have ‘Unknown’ status. What just happened? Sunspots? Evil gnomes? E-Business Suite snubbed Grid Control at an enterprise software social event? Maybe. Or maybe you just have password problems.

The strange case of a failing adstrtal.sh script…

I recently ran across an interesting situation while I was working on an E-Business Suite environment: the adstrtal.sh and adstpall.sh scripts weren’t doing anything. They weren’t showing errors, but neither were they starting or stopping services. This post takes a look at the problem, unearths the cause, and presents a solution that isn’t always palatable, but in this case is warranted.

Fixing file permission problems on Grid Control targets

When installing Grid Control on a Linux or Unix platform, a recommended practice is to install the monitoring agent software as a user that doesn’t own the ORACLE_HOMEs to be monitored. This poses a challenge when configuring monitoring for some targets, particularly those based on Oracle Application Server 10g. This post lists some changes you can make to work around a variety of target discovery and metric collection errors.

Workflow got you down? Changing the default Grid Control monitoring of EBS

This post describes how to remove the Workflow Notification Mailer from the list of targets that impact the reported status of an E-Business Suite instance monitored by Oracle Grid Control. This can be useful in test or dev systems, where users may not want a disabled notification mailer to be indicative of problems with the instance.

Reference list for deploying Grid Control 10gR4 on Linux

Here’s a quick list of reference links for deploying Oracle Grid Control on Linux. If you’re starting out on a Grid Control deployment project, perhaps this will help to jump-start your own research. This is a non-exhaustive list, but it covers the basics reasonably well.