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My Oracle Support has landed. Check your links.

So there was a small, inconsequential change in the Oracle Support landscape last week: Oft-maligned-and-yet-somehow-much-beloved Metalink went away, to be replaced by a flashier (hah, I kill me) My Oracle Support. I bet you barely noticed. One thing that I discovered pretty quickly is that some of my links to old Metalink content no longer […]

The end is near! (for FTP download of Oracle patches)

Oracle has set a date for shutting off FTP access to their patch repository, updates.oracle.com: September 18, 2009. Fortunately, they’re continuing to allow access via wget.

Using Ubiquity to access Metalink

Here’s a second Oracle-related Ubiquity command, metalink-open. The command searches a selected (or copied) chunk of text for patch numbers, SR numbers, and Metalink DocIDs, and opens a browswer tab for each item found.

I biq, Ubiq, we all biq: Accessing Metalink through Ubiquity

After playing with the new Firefox extension Ubiquity, I tried my hand at writing a Ubiquity command to retrieve information from Oracle Metalink documents. As a result, I can now use far fewer keystrokes to format links to Metalink notes in blogs, forums, emails, etc.