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Learn about R12 integration with OID and OAM for the price of a latte!

My colleague Subhajit has just published an eBook that covers the steps that are necessary to integrate Oracle Applications Release 12.1 with Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle Access Manager 11.1.2. You owe it to yourself to check it out!

Quick tip: Moving an SSO-integrated E-Business Suite database

It seemed simple enough. We were moving our E-Business Suite database to a new server. References to the old database server had to be replaced in a variety of places: Oracle Internet Directory, a handful of tnsnames.ora files, and of course, the context files on the application tier servers. After that, everyone could connect to the database just as they always had. No problems, right?

Well, okay, maybe one small problem.

Unravelling TNS-03505 with database lookups in Oracle Internet Directory

I was playing around with using Oracle Internet Directory to resolve database service names recently, and it turned into an adventure. Not exactly a memoir-inspiring adventure, but at least one worth blogging about. Maybe my little voyage of discovery here will help someone else who gets a TNS-03505 when using LDAP to look up database […]