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Why merge EBS patches?

“Everyone knows” that merging E-Business Suite patches is a good idea. It should be the number one, first-pass answer to the question of how to speed up patching, before staged APPL_TOP, distributed AD, database tuning, or even adding more workers. As part of my continuing series, “Captain Obvious over-explains the basics,” I’ve provided an anecdote to illustrate why merging patches is a good idea.

Resolving a pesky ORA-12545 during EBS patching

Don’t you just love it when random networking errors spice up an otherwise routine large EBS patching run?

Yeah, me neither.

An overview of merging patches in E-Business Suite

A quick overview of what happens when individual E-Business Suite patches are merged with admrgpch.

Keeping OPatch up-to-date: an object lesson

Is opatch failing with the message “ApplySession failed: Patch ID is null.”? Might want to verify your opatch version…

EBS 12.1 now generally available

E-Business Suite Release 12.1 is now available. I’ve started collecting reference links that could be relevant to an upgrade, and am making them available here.

The strange case of a failing adstrtal.sh script…

I recently ran across an interesting situation while I was working on an E-Business Suite environment: the adstrtal.sh and adstpall.sh scripts weren’t doing anything. They weren’t showing errors, but neither were they starting or stopping services. This post takes a look at the problem, unearths the cause, and presents a solution that isn’t always palatable, but in this case is warranted.