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A sampling of R12 AOL and database object changes

A high-level summary of changes to EBS database objects and AOL entities after an upgrade from 11i to R12.

R12 upgrade database sizing, part II

A second look into the change in size of our Oracle Apps database after an R12 upgrade, complete with hand-wavy attempts to explain the changes.

R12 upgrade database sizing

This post provides a real-world example of growth in a small Oracle Applications database as a result of upgrading from 11i (version to R12 (version 12.0.3).

Recommended reading for an EBS R12 upgrade

On the heels of Steven Chan’s pointer to a new EBS R12 best practices whitepaper and Floyd Teter’s post about R12 upgrade reference documents, I thought I’d chime in with the list of documents that I used during an R12 upgrade earlier this year. The collection of available upgrade documentation has certainly become more tidy, […]