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Finally here: Oracle Instant Client 11gR2 for OS X

See the blog post over at Oracle for details, and be sure to send Christopher Jones an email (via the address in his post) stating you’re an active user of the client. As Christopher mentions in his post, You can really help us justify resources for the OS X bundle if you email me letting […]

crontab backups: a simple, time-saving holiday gift idea for DBAs and sysadmins

[I originally posted this over at the Pythian blog. If you're not following it, you should! Way more content, by far smarter people than lil ol' me.] It’s holiday season in many parts of the world, but it’s not all parties and egg-nog. Caretakers of critical IT systems often have significant work to do as […]

Fun with EBS APIs, part II: Users and responsbilities (FND_USER_PKG)

A quick look at some of the things you can do with the API provided by the FND_USER_PKG package in E-Business Suite.

Fun with EBS APIs, part I: Profile options (FND_PROFILE)

A short demonstration of the use of the FND_PROFILE API in Oracle E-Business Suite.


After my recent public demo of the Oracle E-Business Suite Diagnostics, people at my current employer are more interested in using the tool. In the course of applying the most recent patches to the IZU product, I came across a few quirks that I thought I’d share. These are 11i-related issues, so the relevance half-life is short.

Oracle Apps DBAs, have you empowered your users?

A little bit of preachiness about the value of the Oracle E-Business Suite Diagnostics product. Hopefully, you’re using it. Actually, if you’re an Apps DBA, hopefully your users are using it

Finding debug and trace profiles in EBS

Two recent requests in rapid succession (“why is the instance running so slowly when I do X?” and “why is this mount point filling up with .dbg files?”) prompted me to dust off an old script.

Christmas comes early: SQL Developer Data Modeler now free(r)!

One the eve of Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle sneaks in a licensing change to one of its products. Take off your cynic’s cap, darn it, they just made something free: SQL Developer Data Modeler.

Recently relevant (to me) links

A handful of interesting links, while I wait for my mental content logjam to break.

Downloading OTN software using wget

One of my most frequently-visited blog posts is Retrieving Oracle patches with wget. Recently, a commenter asked about using wget to download software from Oracle Technet (OTN). It’s a little more complicated to use wget to download from OTN, because there are cookies involved. This post discusses how to extract the relevant cookies from Firefox and Google Chrome, and use those cookies with wget to retrieve files.