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Retrieving Oracle patches with wget

While working from home this evening, I had to download some patches to a remote Linux system, and was struck, not for the the first time, by the inconvenience of it all. So I wrote a quick shell function that helps me grab patches using wget. And then, I decided to share with the world, or at least the really small portion of the world that visits my blog.

Clearing the Oracle environment in a Unix session

Correctly defining Oracle-related environment variables in a Linux or Unix session is pretty important, especially on a system that hosts multiple ORACLE_HOMEs. Equally important is making sure that old settings are removed from the environment when switching contexts from one ORACLE_HOME to another. Here’s an example of how I do it.

Using Ubiquity to access Metalink

Here’s a second Oracle-related Ubiquity command, metalink-open. The command searches a selected (or copied) chunk of text for patch numbers, SR numbers, and Metalink DocIDs, and opens a browswer tab for each item found.

Enhance your applmgr .profile, part II

This is the second half of a two-part series on useful Linux/Unix environment variables and aliases for enhancing your productivity as an Apps DBA.

Enhance your applmgr .profile, part I

Typing is my third-most frequent cause of self-inflicted work stress. For some reason, despite decades spent at a keyboard, it feels like I spend more time hitting backspace than any other key. When working with Oracle Apps, I try to make my life easier by adding some shortcuts to the the applmgr user’s .profile. What […]