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Grid Control follies: Looking for perl? Oh, it’s over there, in the perlBin.

Ever seen the Grid Control emagent.trc file complain about a missing perlBin property? I hadn’t.

Logging for non-existent listeners

Trying to start a database listener that doesn’t exist generates log files. In older versions of the database, it’s just one file, but what about in 11g, with its fancy Automatic DIagnostic Repository?

Resolving ORA-4023 during a 10gR2->11gR1 upgrade

Sometimes, even on the 3rd or 4th run-through of a database upgrade test, it’s possible to miss something. Practice makes perfect.

Keeping OPatch up-to-date: an object lesson

Is opatch failing with the message “ApplySession failed: Patch ID is null.”? Might want to verify your opatch version…

Quick tip: Moving an SSO-integrated E-Business Suite database

It seemed simple enough. We were moving our E-Business Suite database to a new server. References to the old database server had to be replaced in a variety of places: Oracle Internet Directory, a handful of tnsnames.ora files, and of course, the context files on the application tier servers. After that, everyone could connect to the database just as they always had. No problems, right?

Well, okay, maybe one small problem.

Things I learned this weekend (5/16-17/2009)

The excitement of solving mysteries makes me bad at math In my last post, I failed to notice that a HugePages_Total of 4645, while satisfyingly greater than zero, is definitely not 8196, the desired and expected value I had configured. Upon reflection, the reason was pretty obvious: the OS will only allocate contiguous blocks of […]

Enabling hugepages on SLES10 x86_64 … not quite the same as SLES9

What happens when I try to use instructions for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (SLES9) to enable hugepages on SLES10? Nothing. And that’s a problem.

Unix shell geekery: Finding the ten largest residents of a directory

Strange things can happen when people ask themselves a question and are unwilling to let go of it. Some retreat into seclusion to ponder the meaning of life. Some waste hours reading ultimately unrelated content on Wikipedia. Some spend way too much time writing marginally (if that) useful solutions to their questions. In this post, I’m guilty of that last one, though I’ve also been known to do the Wikipedia thing. My question? “Hey, if how could I find the largest files and subdirectories in this directory?”

More fun with Grid Control and EBS

After two months of cheerfully monitoring your E-Business Suite instances, Grid Control declares that most of the Apps tier targets have ‘Unknown’ status. What just happened? Sunspots? Evil gnomes? E-Business Suite snubbed Grid Control at an enterprise software social event? Maybe. Or maybe you just have password problems.

Unravelling TNS-03505 with database lookups in Oracle Internet Directory

I was playing around with using Oracle Internet Directory to resolve database service names recently, and it turned into an adventure. Not exactly a memoir-inspiring adventure, but at least one worth blogging about. Maybe my little voyage of discovery here will help someone else who gets a TNS-03505 when using LDAP to look up database […]